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First of all thank you for your time 

Company Profile

I'm  CEO and  the reason  why I'm here is to show and tell you  that if you focus on your goals you can get them .

And to let you know everything about the company

    Our goals is to become  U.S (IPO) And create jobs for more               people because we want to have multiple corporations









partners with different types of business

  DeLVY (delivery service)


Works with  different types of business like restaurants, coffee shops, flower service, supermarket, laundry service etc. To provide  better delivery service for are  VIP customer's.

We also have online stores, so you can get the convenience items right to your door

 We also  have locations in Mexico Guatemala City .




We rent moped for your business or personal use


   Extinguishers for Business

      DOB Filing & Permits 

   Odor Control Systems

   Fire Prevention 


  Fire Supperssion


 When you subscribe to our page you have many benefits


Example :

Membership Benefits


  • streaming or if you want a song in particular we can place on the album Join us metaverse

Unlimited Delivery

  • Are customer's can ordering  by phone call, text message ,online alexa 

  •  Simply scan the  QR code for dine-in order  all in one page or app.



  • Simply you can download the app and collected  orders for delivery door to door and we pay you per order.Pending


 Movies :

  • You can watch free movies, (TV ROKU divice included

Join Us


Social Media: 

  • You can share your photos videos of your business or personal 

so that other members can meet you or 

know more about you. 


  • You can buy  products with us directly, same day delivery 

Paid with you points


  • You can rent video games or sell your games PS4 PS5

Umbrella Service:

our umbrellas are here to give members the protection they need.



  • laundry service to your door 20% OFF


Company Description

We are looking for the best people and the most intelligent and capable to work hard.

We are looking for the best team

The global int network, short for international network, is a vast interconnected web of communication and information exchange that spans across continents and connects people from all corners of the world.

Job opportunities: self employers

#1 Online Service ( WFH ) Excel PDF,DOCS

#2 Team Support   

#3 Marketing Advertising Social Media

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